Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Tuesday, January 31st

Disclaimer: I basically just used this article as an excuse to post this humorous photo of Kyle Boller. Laugh on, Flacco haters, laugh on. I am.

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Monday, January 30th

Who are your top free agents that the Ravens should keep? Who should they let go?

Be creative…. What is Tom Brady saying to Ray Lewis?


Be creative…. What is Tom Brady saying to Ray Lewis?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Friday, January 20th

Today on BSR -

My predictions - 

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a Fave Five column featuring 5 reasons why the Ravens will beat the Pats. Until then - I’ll leave you with my score prediction, Ravens over Pats 27-21… There it is. SUPER BOWL

Your score predictions?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Monday, January 16th

With the Ravens going to Foxboro this weekend for the AFC Championship, who do you think they have the better chance of beating in the Super Bowl - the 49ers or the Giants?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Friday, January 14th


I went 4-0 last week! Looking to do the same this weekend…

San Fransisco 49ers. Earlier this week, I had the Saints winning this one, but I switched as soon as I started writing this. Not only do I think Frank Gore is going to have a huge game, but I think their defense is going to overshadow Brees and the Saints O-line, as good as it is.

New England Patriots. Do I even have to explain myself? I know the Broncos had “no chance” of winning last week against the Steelers - but let’s face it, they absolutely have no chance of winning this week. Sorry Tim, but I want to be able to watch SportsCenter again without wanting to throw my remote through the television.

Green Bay Packers. No one is going to beat this team at home… Aaron Rodgers has ten thousand people to throw the ball to, and ten thousand and one who will catch it. Not much of a defense in the regular season, but I think Raji is gonna be huuuuuge in the playoffs (no pun intended).

And last but not least -

Baltimore Ravens. M&T + Ravens fans + home playoff game + healthy roster + rookie Texans QB + Anquan Boldin finally 100% healthy + Joe Flacco getting saucy + Ray Rice = Houston, you have a problem.

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This kid needs a DNA test - I think he’s mine

Check out this awesome Ravens playoff video!

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Monday, January 9th


  • Ray Rice buys his FB and O-linemen watches to thank them for great effort. So awesome of him to recognize that he couldn’t get where he is without those guys. 
  • Ray Rice up for FedEx Ground Player of the Year. Vote here.
  • O’s name Ray Poitevint as Executive Director, International Baseball.
  • John Harbaugh expects every recently injured player to play on Sunday. Apparently the guys with concussions have not yet been 100% cleared, but it is only Monday.

You guys seemed to like that fill in the blank yesterday. Here’s another (I’ll post some of the good ones!) : 

  • It’s his first game back after having knee surgery. He says he feels better than he has all season, after admitting to having a partial tear for quite some time. This weekend, Anquan Boldin will ______________________. ?
Fill in the blank:

Today Tim Tebow will ________.