Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Thursday, February 23rd

    The Ravens will begin talks with Joe Flacco’s agent in Indy this Saturday. The big debate has been about whether or not Joe deserves top 5 money. In my opinion, he’s not a Top 5 quarterback (sorry, I love you), so I don’t think he deserves that Top 5 money. However, let’s take a (rather humorous and true) look at the quarterbacks who got paid the most this past season:

    1. Peyton Manning - $23 mil (Obviously. Didn’t play a single game. How much of that money can he fit in his neck?)
    2. Michael Vick - $20 mil (Missed the playoffs, got injured basically every game)
    3. Mark Sanchez - $14.75 mil (Missed the playoffs, sucks at football, his best friend was the turf)
    4. Ben Roethlisberger - $14.75 mil (Lost to the Denver Tebows - still funny)
    5. Carson Palmer - $14 mil (Missed the playoffs, can’t throw, looks like he goes to Best Buy just to play the video games)

    Now let me just mention that I am aware of the way player contracts work - for those who don’t, in a nutshell, the money within a contract is spread out over the length of that particular contract. For example, Aaron Rodgers was the best quarterback in football this past year and got paid about $8.5 million. Drew Brees was/is arguably as good; his paycheck was only $7 million. If and when their contracts are renewed they’ll be on that list. That’s just how it works.

    He doesn’t deserve the ELI-te contract that Eli Manning has with, like, an outrageous sum of $106 million or something, but should he get that second-tier contract that Ryan Fitzpatrick got (also laughable) at roughly, 6 years, $60 million? YES, dammit. 

    My point? Joe might not be a top 5 quarterback but does he deserve to be paid like these guys? Yup.


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    Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Thursday, January 12th


    • O’s Roberts “highly doubtful" to attend Fanfest.
    • Sunday’s Game-Day weather forecast - snow or no snow?
    • Marshal Yanda is now on Twitter - follow him @MarshalYanda
    • Brendan Ayanbadejo and Jameel McClain on today’s injury report. Rest of the team practiced.
    Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Wednesday, January 4th


    • Rice hosts karaoke night at Rams Head in Power Plant. See video highlights here. Shirtless men, Ray Lewis imitations, a 260lb fullback singing “Achy Breaky Heart”, and a Nelly song sung by the greatest linebacker of all time? Sounds like a good night out to me.
    • Rice named FedEx Ground Player of the Week for Week 17. 191 yards and 2 touchdowns versus Cincy - dude’s a beast, and must be the Ravens’ number one priority in the offseason.
    • Suggs named AFC Defensive Player of the Month for December/January. While he probably won’t win DPOY, this dude is an incredible football player and a sack king, and it’s most deserved.
    • DeCosta will interview with Rams. DeCosta has been with the Ravens forever (literally), and has been named as Ozzie’s successor. It would hurt my heart, and stress me out, if he left - especially to a team like the Rams, who have a Berenstein Bear playing for them (Bradford).
    • Zbikowski, Ellerbe, J. Smith have not been cleared for concussions, but have been progressing. Thank god for that bye week, right?
    • Players who did not practice include: Ayanbadejo, Grubbs, Lewis, McClain, Ngata, and Yanda. ‘Twas a light practice today, with mostly drills and seems like a veteran day off as well. Nothing to worry about here, folks.
    • Boldin practiced today