Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Friday, January 6th

  • Harbaugh on AFC North: All we do is win, win, win no matter what
  • Suggs’ “Ball So Hard Univeristy” is featured on an ESPN rap anthem
  • VIDEO: Bernard Pollard is prepared to do this if Ravens win Super Bowl
  • Bernard Pollard awarded “Media Good Guy”; instead of a trophy, receives boxers
  • Troy Polamalu advertised on Ravens site - what’s wrong with this picture?
  • Eric DeCosta staying put in Baltimore
  • Patriots’ Bill O’Brien appointed new PSU head coach
  • Why Dave does not want the winter classic to be played in Baltimore, even thoughhe loves both
  • Getting wild for wildcard weekend, with the Greek
  • NEW weekly feature from our Dave Gilmore (who’s a self-proclaimed genius):This week in Baltimore Sports: Bullets lose 32 straight, make playoffs


  • Joe and Pitta are BFF’s. (Article here) This makes me so happy and a little sad because I think about Todd Heap (and everyone knows I was in love with the Joe/Heap bromance). This perks me up a little after finding out Justin Timberlake got engaged this week. Not joking.
  • Not much else happening in the Baltimore Sports World today with the Ravens being off for the weekend, so here are my wildcard picks. Drumroll…..

Now before I start, I should have you know that two of these picks were different at the beginning of the week. They don’t call it “Wildcard Weekend” for nothing. Anything can happen. Remember the Saints/Seahawks game last year? Yeah, about that…

Texans over Bengals. This was one I had picked differently earlier this week. Aside from Andy Dalton coming down with the flu and no one got him any ginger ale (haha, get it), I think that since the Texans have struggled since making it into the playoffs for the first time ever - they’ll get their act together and come out on top. That being said (hopefully) see you next week, Texans.

Saints over Lions. It’s really sad, because I really do like the Lions this year. Plain and simple: They’ve sucked for so long, and I’d like to see them do well for once. It’s a shame they play the Saints first. (Those same Saints with a chip on their shoulder from what happened against Seattle last year.)

Giants over Falcons. While this logo is taking it a bit too far, I think Victor Cruz is going to be the deciding factor in this game. When it comes down to it, the Giants are the better team. And it doesn’t hurt watching Matt Ryan lose and get kicked out of the playoffs. 

Broncos over Steelers. This is the other pick I switched. I said earlier in the week that I couldn’t decide on who I wanted to win this game (because I thought for sure the Texans would lose, and the Ravens would get the winner of this one). I’m counting on the Texans to bail me out of a very stressful and angry-Tweet-ridden week next week. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT ROOTING FOR TEBOW. I would also never do anything as crime-ridden as root for the Steelers. I’m confident that the Ravens can beat either of these teams - although it is hard for me to choose between a) beating the Steelers for a 3rd time and shutting up the entire town of Pittsburgh or, b) Terrell Suggs knocking Tebow’s teeth out and watching Skip Bayless cry. BUT, I think that aside from all the players the Steelers have out - this is my reason:

We all know Tebow can’t connect a pass, and Ben’s thrown like 1 short TD pass since he’s been hurt - so it might come down to field goals. And we all know how Matt Prater loves to bail people out with field goals.

Happy Wildcard Weekend everyone! xoxo - L

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  • What are your picks?
Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Wednesday, January 4th


  • Rice hosts karaoke night at Rams Head in Power Plant. See video highlights here. Shirtless men, Ray Lewis imitations, a 260lb fullback singing “Achy Breaky Heart”, and a Nelly song sung by the greatest linebacker of all time? Sounds like a good night out to me.
  • Rice named FedEx Ground Player of the Week for Week 17. 191 yards and 2 touchdowns versus Cincy - dude’s a beast, and must be the Ravens’ number one priority in the offseason.
  • Suggs named AFC Defensive Player of the Month for December/January. While he probably won’t win DPOY, this dude is an incredible football player and a sack king, and it’s most deserved.
  • DeCosta will interview with Rams. DeCosta has been with the Ravens forever (literally), and has been named as Ozzie’s successor. It would hurt my heart, and stress me out, if he left - especially to a team like the Rams, who have a Berenstein Bear playing for them (Bradford).
  • Zbikowski, Ellerbe, J. Smith have not been cleared for concussions, but have been progressing. Thank god for that bye week, right?
  • Players who did not practice include: Ayanbadejo, Grubbs, Lewis, McClain, Ngata, and Yanda. ‘Twas a light practice today, with mostly drills and seems like a veteran day off as well. Nothing to worry about here, folks.
  • Boldin practiced today