Not sure if I ever posted this… But here’s Belicheat…I mean, Belichick and Tom Brady discussing the best safety in the game

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Wednesday, February 8th

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So, of the four “most likely” teams that Peyton will go to (Dolphins, Redskins, Jets, or to stay with the Colts) - where do you think he will go? And do you think he will play like the same Peyton?

Be creative…. What is Tom Brady saying to Ray Lewis?


Be creative…. What is Tom Brady saying to Ray Lewis?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Thursday, January 26th

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And in case you have been living under a rock and/or haven’t gotten over the Ravens’ loss yet, this may help:

Also happening around the Baltimore Sports world:

  • Flacco will not be attending this weekend’s Polar Bear Plunge for the first time ever, citing personal reasons. Once again, he’s being attacked for this. While yes, it’s a charity event, and it sucks to miss it - he does so much for the charity besides just the plunge, for one. Apparently it was posted on his site that he’s spending time with family after the loss or whatever - and people are criticizing him for this. Let me just say this: You know how bad YOU felt when the Ravens lost this Sunday, take a step back and think about how they felt, how hard they worked, and how much they must feel let down - give the guy a break. 
  • Torrey Smith turns 23 today! Yay I love him.
  • Ex- Raven DJ Jones was claimed on waivers by the Eagles.
  • Ellerbe’s MRI showed no damage, so he will not need surgery on his foot.

Thoughts about the worst week of the year in Baltimore (and it’s only January)? Thoughts on Flacco not attending the Plunge? Maryland/Duke? Anything else?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Wednesday, January 25th

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My take on Chuck Pagano:

Of course I’m sad - he’s great. The players absolutely adore him, as well as the staff. As much as Baltimore hates Indy for obvious reasons, they gained a great coach today. You can’t help but be happy for this guy..

Thoughts about Chuck Pagano moving on to bigger and better things (hopefully)?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Monday, January 23rd

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Welp, folks. I took this one pretty hard - I’d be lying if I said I’ve gotten over it. I would have rather lost 35-3 than this. I’m still kind of in a daze, but just want to point out one good thing that came of this game -

Joe Flacco had a hell of a game. There are still some idiots out there who blame him, don’t trust him, whatever - they don’t know anything about football. He proved everyone wrong last night (including Ed Reed), made some GREAT throws (i.e. that throw that we don’t speak of to Evans was perfect), outplayed Tom Brady, and really gave his team a chance to win. It’s really mind boggling how STILL this man will not get the respect he deserves.

This one’s going to hurt for a while. It’s hard to swallow the fact that a team that had a cakewalk schedule coasted their way to 13-3, #1 in the AFC, and the Ravens had an entire year’s worth of work come down to 2 plays. As hard as it is, I’m proud to be a Ravens fan, proud to live in Baltimore - and while we don’t feel good today, there will be a time when we’ll feel great.

Thoughts on the game (please don’t be negative)?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Friday, January 20th

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My predictions - 

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a Fave Five column featuring 5 reasons why the Ravens will beat the Pats. Until then - I’ll leave you with my score prediction, Ravens over Pats 27-21… There it is. SUPER BOWL

Your score predictions?

Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Wednesday, January 18th

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Baltimore Sports Round-Up for Monday, January 16th

With the Ravens going to Foxboro this weekend for the AFC Championship, who do you think they have the better chance of beating in the Super Bowl - the 49ers or the Giants?